How to prepare physically and mentally to your first Toad Ceremony?

How to get ready for an experience with Toad Medicine? First decide whether is the right call for you, and if it is, make sure that the are no contraindications for your specific case.

A right call would be something that helps you to learn, evolve and grow, but it has to come from your own informed decision. Many times, happens that other people influence our actions, and we act based on trust, curiosity, social pressure or even false or misguided information.

It does not matter how miraculous or powerful could be the Toad experience, if you do not feel the call or hesitate it is better to skip the opportunity. Connect with your intuition! You will know when its your time to do it.

Think of a Toad Ceremony as very intimate and unique experience, therefore take enough time and energy to get ready for it. In the end, it is all about yourself, so make it special. Most likely you will be able to answer some core questions about life: Who are you? Why are you here? For what purpose? The answers to these questions could turn around your life direction towards new horizons.

In that matter, feel and think what intention you are looking to obtain from the experience. Take a moment to figure out what is what you really want for yourself, it is not about what you do NOT want anymore. There is a whole chapter where we are going to talk about intention.

Physically speaking, the recommendation is to feel energized before your Toad Ceremony, that means: Having a good rest, be relaxed and take your time to enjoy the whole process.

Some other recommendations are:

  • Sleep enough before your session.

Take a good rest before your Toad Ceremony, if you have sleeping disorders, be aware of what is causing them. If it was a last night party is a signal to look for another opportunity. But if you have some chronic disorder, make sure you are not taking any substance that could be contraindicated.

  • Eat healthy.

Fasting a few hours should be enough with a healthy diet. This avoids the risks related when vomiting. Though, throwing up is not a common symptom when having a Toad Medicine, it is better to be safe. Some practitioners recommend long fasting periods, in those cases, check out any precautions regarding previous conditions like a diabetic metabolism. Sometimes people comply with the recommendations about the Toad experiences that dismisses the regular caretaking of their own body.

When your diet is not healthy, you might feel tired or with low stamina. If this is the reason why you might want to try the Toad Medicine, try a doing healthy diet that boost your energy.

  • Avoid taking other substances.

Check out for more information regarding prescribed drugs on the Risks chapter. The general rule is that you should not take any other substances, not even other power medicines. The Toad Medicine is already powerful enough by itself. Let it do its job.

There are conversations claiming that is possible to enhance your experience with other substances but could be a dangerous practice. Even if for someone had tried it without any negative concerns.

Some practitioners might recommend using certain substances before your session, that are supposed to cleans you or make you feel calm and focus, for instance rape. The point is helping you through your Toad Session. If you are not familiar with these other substances, its better to discard them for another time.

During your Toad Immersion do not allow anyone provide you any other substances, not even water. Remember that you must always have the control to decide which substances you insert to your body. Be careful with that. During the immersion you will not have the capacity to express any approval or denial, therefore, make sure your trusted witness protects you from receiving any other substance. There are reports of dangerous practices where the facilitator provided other substances to the patient while being under the effects of the Toad Medicine.

  • Raise your sexual energy.

Accumulating your sexual energy could give you more power to navigate through the realm of the Toad Medicine. Your sexual energy fuels the power of your spirit, it allows your creativity to rise and also to ground. Being aware of your internal energy if part of the learnings this experiences provide.

In order to do that, the recommendation is to keep it inside your body instead of ejaculate it. This means to fast on sexual intercourses, even masturbation. But its is not a prohibition, neither a sin or something to feel guilty about or something like that. It is about being aware of the vital energy and using it for the right purposes, sometimes is to procreate and other times for pleasure, but it is also the source of your creativity, for art or inventions, and to connect to other realms as through meditation.

When you have clarity on your intention and your body is ready to receive the medicine, the Toad Medicine has the ability to show you how to heal your own trauma and unwanted behavioral patterns, by connecting you to a higher realm within you.

By preparing yourself for your Toad Ceremony you are already making it loving and gentle, and setting everything to integrate the experience.

What is a Toad Ceremony / Session / Immersion / Therapy ?

From this section you will be able to identify what to expect or may occur during and after your session. Identify the red flags that should be avoided.

This webinar is not intended to pronounce about how a spiritual or clinical practice should be or not, but to safeguard the wellbeing of the final users of the Toad Medicine. When we are new to something, we usually trust in our guide and becomes harder to question in the moment any method applied. It is important to notice that if you participate in a Toad Ceremony, you will put yourself into a vulnerable situation and should prepare accordingly.

Consequently, these are some recommendations to be used as a framework to notice if something is out of place while participating in a Toad Ceremony and help you to let yourself surrender into the experience safely.

Toad Medicine Session starts when you meet your facilitator until you are ready to go back home. I used the term Ceremony to describe the session a in a context of Spiritual Practice, rather than a Therapy, that would be described as a Clinical Practice. Nonetheless in both practices, should be observed this framework to follow during the Toad Immersion, that is while your body is under the effects of the Toad Medicine.

- Opening and asking for permission

When you are about to start, it is important to set yourself ready, but also whoever is attending your session, including the spirits should be welcomed –If you are not into spiritual, metaphysical or supernatural matters, you could feel repulsed, but believe me when I said it is not a fantastical or cult-alike practice, but shortly you will understand--. The point is that an opening is needed to set the beginning of the session.

The Toad Medicine is enough to have a full process, but additional elements could be suggested by each practitioner. During this moment, if you are not informed, you should ask for such information and give any explicit consensus if there are any other elements that could be considered, like allowing the use of other substances, the attendance of any other person, physical interaction, the dose that is willing to receive, or any other agreement different than receiving the Toad Medicine.

Other precautions also should be double checked, like your true will to receive the Toad Medicine and the explicit declaration that you have not consumed any contraindicated substance. Some practitioners will ask you to sign a release of any legal liabilities.

Having a trusted third person is recommended, to help in case it is needed, but also to witness the practice of your facilitator and the interaction with you while you are at the immersion.

If you are feeling nervous or in a state of fear, that is normal, but always be confident on your intuition, it will tell you to get out of any dangerous situation. Do not feel shame for saying no to something, even when you trust your facilitator.

- Ingesting of the Toad Medicine

The Toad Medicine usually is insufflated in a glass pipe. As any other substance, in a Clinical Practice could be administer by other means, but the inhalation of the smoke of the medicine will give you the full experience and is the most common and easiest way to ingest it. The duration of your session will last as long the body finishes to consume the substance, when it is inhaled usually last around 10 minutes, but there are some anecdotical testimonies that report lasting more than a half an hour.

When the Toad Medicine hits your system, you will not have any doubt whatsoever. The effect of the medicine in your body will be felt immediately. If not, you are probably ready to receive a little more –More of this topic in the next section--.

While you inhale the Toad Medicine, do it calmed and slowly, allow your lungs to fill as much medicine that you can, and try to keep it as long as you can. After you exhale the medicine, recover your breath, and if you are still aware of any thoughts, just focus on your intention. Surrender! Whatever you may feel, it will pass in a few minutes, immerse into the Toad realm while you can.

From the outside it might look like someone being on an altered, disassociated or psychotic state, you may lose the control of your body, but the best scenario is when you just close your eyes and feel the experience, as if sleeping and having a vivid dream.

- Physical interaction

I recommend you set the rule of not having physical contact during the Immersion, except in the case of an emergency, like to stop you from any physical harm, seizures, to accommodate your body to breath or avoid choking.

Some practitioners may have skills to provide massages or similar interactions, if so, take the time to receive their services before or after, but let your process be taken by your own, specially when you are dealing with sexual trauma.

- Other external elements

During a Toad session you could expect smelling other scents, like sage or insiensce, hear prayers or songs, musical instruments, someone might cover you with a blanket or sweep with feathers or similar artefacts. All these elements have a reason to be used.

But taking rape, kambo, water, or any other powerful tools should be put into hold for another moment. Investigate if your facilitator uses some kind of these artefacts, some are known of using artifacts like stunning guns, among other violent methods, do not tolerate them, you are suppose to get rid of your traumas, not getting new ones.

Sometimes practitioners have so much demand that many people could be receiving the Toad Medicine at the same time and place. There are testimonies of people inside the Toad Immersion interfering into other people process. If you are preparing for a Toad Session, book the time of the facilitator to take one-to-one session. Remember is about you, give yourself the opportunity to make it a very special moment, trust on this one, you do not want to be interfere by other people energy.

- Closing the session

Whenever there is a beginning will come an end. Everything that was opened should be closed. It is hard to explain things that can’t be perceived all the time, but during your session your spiritual could unfold and expand, portals may be opened, spirits may be invoked, and the energy certainly will be moved around and sometimes it must be contained, cleaned and closed. Your practitioner should be able to deal with these circumstances. If not you will shortly notice that something is out of place, if so, ask for help.

Every practitioner should know how to close the session and help you to integrate. This could mean many things, but I have already mentioned key points that should not be overlooked.

At the end of your ceremony, you could feel overwhelmed by the information you just have received, take your time to process it. The integration therapy will help you to download all the insights. Do not leave until you feel complete fine and sober, your physical body should be able to continue like on a regular basis or even better.

What’s the best dose of Medicine?

It depends on each person and how it is delivered, but the safe way to know is to start on low doses. I will refer when you receive it by smoking the Toad Medicine in a glass pipe.

A low dose is usually called handshake, it will allow you to tune into your session, but it is not the Toad Immersion. A medium dose, you could be able to notice some effects, but if you are still aware of the environment where you are at, of the people in the session or about your own thoughts. If you smoked the Toad Medicine and you have any doubts about its effect is that you have not reach the full potential. The Toad Immersion is when you reach the full release of the medicine, you will be certain that you reached.

Sometimes reaching the full release causes a strong catharsis on the user, which leads to express and release a lot of somatic trauma and feel all the collection of feelings available in the human experience, from sorrow to happiness. The user might experience the cleansing of spiritual energies, that can manifest through very different ways. Purges like spitting, sweating, cold, screams, should be expected. It is part of the healing journey, let it be as it comes. But most of the times, by following this framework the user will experience a peaceful full release.

Everything that you should care about is what happened within yourself. Some facilitators might recommend you experiencing your session standing or watching something with eyes wide open and receiving instructions. My personal recommendation is to smoke your dose and lay on the floor facing up with eyes closed. A full release in the Toad Immersion may look as if you were having a vivid dream.

Each person is different, as well as their approach to the medicine, some will need a slow beginning to earn some confidence on the process, and other might prefer immediately the full release. This means that when you are seated with your facilitator, you can expect to receive several hits by each time increasing the dose or just having one shot to receive the whole dose at once.

Once the substance is in your body it consumes very rapidly, so you could receive many handshakes and still might not feel the full release. But if you receive a large dose and still not feel the full release, could be a reason to quit the process. It is not common to happened but there are many reasons, until you determine which was the reason it is safe to stop trying. If you think that the Toad Medicine did not make you blink an eye, certainly it means that your body is not consuming the substances and it might be located on your system and could interfere with your metabolism and other functions on neurotransmitters. We are not certain why it happens but 1 out of 10 reports this situation.

Around 15 milligrams is when people start reporting having a full experience. It is common that the facilitator will not have a balance to measure the dose, but it is a very small dose. Around 3 seconds inhaling the Toad Medicine.

Most people will need around 40 milligrams (6 to 7 seconds inhaling), but there are some facilitators that will provide more than 70 milligrams in one seating, that is more than 10 seconds inhaling the Toad Medicine.

A large dose does not mean a better journey. If you look for people tripping on Toad Medicine on Youtube, you might find a lot of them with spasms, shouting, spitting or at dissociated psychotics states. Does states are usually caused by large doses of Toad Medicine, but they do not report better results compared as to smaller doses. Be careful when you ingest more than 100 milligrams on one inhale. Check on the Risks sections other side effects that the Toad Medicine might cause.

What are the risks of consuming this substance?

There are some risks associated to the consumption of the Toad Medicine.

This is not a recreational substance that can be taken lightly. This framework may help you to obtain the best result in the safest way possible. This course is to inform and layout the main topics but expertise is needed to deliver the Toad Medicine and should not be taken as a medical advice, each case should be reviewed by a professional. Following you will find the most common problems on this regard.

  • Underprepared take-ins

Many testimonies report that the took the medicine without knowing exactly what they were going to enter into, perhaps for misguided information, social pressure or underestimating the power of the Toad Medicine. In those cases, the user might confront a reality that they were not ready to accept or not even were aware that could exist. Therefore, this even instead of being loving and caring may become traumatic. Specially when there were no traumas with the necessity of being deal with by the user.

The Toad Medicine could open energetic channels, senses or skills, that the user might not be willing to activate. Also, could show truths that the user could not be ready to accept. The opportunity to decide and exercise the free will is very important for the process to be a loving experience.

Patience and care must be provided as a service to the person willing to heal. But if someone does not want to confront their own traumas, regardless how much effort someone could provide, the person is not going to overcome their burdens.

On this regard, if someone is not willing to heal and is provided with the Toad Medicine, there is a chance that the person will end up entangled in its own traumas, and instead of helping, could make it worse, and even cause anxiety and even more pain to concern about.

If you need help dealing with any of this, don’t forget to visit our support forums [Link]. If you prefer personalized attention book a one-to-one virtual session to talk about it [Link].

  • Unclosed sessions

We have been reported many cases where the facilitator does not provide the proper care when delivering the Toad Medicine, or might not have enough skill to handle the energy that is being moved during a session. I mentioned before on the section about Toad Ceremonies that spirits should be welcomed, energy should be cleansed, and portals should be closed.

There is not a handbook to learn how to deal with these topics, it is something that you learn to handle by experience (a lot of it), but it is a gift granted by God to have any power over them. All the medicine persons, haco camas, marakames, curanderos, taitas, priests (men and women) are able to channel the power to deal with energies that are rooted in other dimensions. You may call it in different ways, like prayers, icaros, litanies, petitions, most of them are conducted through singing and intention. Certainly, there is an exchange of energy that never should be given for granted.

Therefore, there are cases when these topics were overlooked, that people would be carrying external energies that affect their emotions, sleeping patterns, projects and daily lofe, without any sort of obvious connections. In those cases, a spiritual cleansing and payment should be practiced, and any portal should be closed.

If you need help dealing with any of this, don’t forget to visit our support forums [Link]. If you prefer personalized attention book a one-to-one virtual session to talk about it [Link].

  • Drug interactions with Toad Medicine

The Toad Medicine is a substance that contains certain molecules that may interact with the human body and should be treated accordingly. As I mentioned before, scientists claim that the Toad Medicine contains 5-MeO-DMT, which I am not, but The Conclave collective compiled this information that is a useful guide to considered before taking this substance.

5-MeO-DMT is an indoleakylamine tryptamine derivative that is known for its potent psychedelic properties. It is thought to produce its powerful mind-altering effects by binding with high affinity to serotonin (5HT) receptors such as the 5HT1A and 5HT2A receptors (Shen, Jiang, Winter, & Yu, 2010). When psychedelics bind to 5HT2A receptors they produce powerful mind-altering effects, which are sometimes accompanied by physical sensations or reactions. The signs and symptoms of these reactions would likely be interpreted by allopathic medicine as signs and symptoms of mild/moderate 5HT toxicity (Ellahi, 2018). These reactions are called serotonin syndrome and involve extreme body temperature (high fevers), unstable heart rates and blood pressures, convulsions or seizure-like activity, and altered mental status (may be difficult to identify this symptom in a 5- MeO-DMT experience, but failure to return to baseline in a normal time frame would be a red flag).

Pharmacokinetic Drug Interactions occur when two drugs are mixed that interfere with the metabolism of one or both of the administered drugs. The most likely candidates for pharmacokinetic drug interactions with 5-MeO-DMT are monoamine oxidase inhibitors (MAOIs) and enzyme cytochrome 2D6 (CYP2D6) inhibitors. (Shen, Jiang, et al., 2010; Shen,Wu, Jiang, & Yu, 2010).

Drug-disease interactions - There may not be any direct interaction between many drugs and 5-MeO-DMT, although you should always tell what drugs you use and for what purpose. The overall health condition of the participant should be considered as some persons with advanced illnesses may be too frail for such an intense experience and be at risk for heart attacks or other adverse outcomes.

Drug discontinuation can be complicated at times depending on the agent and illness being treated. Some medications are essential. Some medications are non-essential but may lead to discontinuation syndromes of withdrawal if stopped abruptly. It is advised that your facilitator may work collaboratively with your medical team (physicians etc.) to accomplish this goal.

It is recommended to seek consultation for further guidance, particularly with multiple medications, advanced illnesses, or history of sensitivity, allergy, or intolerance to medications or psychedelics.

Set you intention into a positive and loving statement!

Find your Dreams, Goals and Vision of the Future

There is a need to fulfill something greater than a regular life, to reach a connection with God, a Higher Self, the Universe. The instinct of trying such endeavor comes from our 7th chakra. At the same time, satisfaction at the present moment – without “greater” expectations – is needed and the ability to support certain way of life.

Finding balance between the ethereal sacredness and the material flesh distinguish our human experience. Find out what have you been procrastinating about on what could be a better life. Perhaps, you are feeling down about your own successes. The Toad Medicine will bring the clarity to bridge the two ends when we get trapped between them.

Do not underestimate the power of your statements, take a moment to feel what you are asking for, make it gentle and enjoy the process. Everyone deserves to connect to their inner self through love, truth and life. Be clear about the things you want to achieve, to create, instead of focusing on what you want to get rid off.

So ask yourself what is what you really want! But go deeper into the roots of your desires, do not seek only the fruits. The results may be mixed with elements that are not under your control, therefore acknowledge what may become real.

To do so, whatever you may have chosen, make sure you can put down into 3 concepts, let’s say you will be granted 3 wishes! For instance, Self-love, Will Power, Peace, Prosperity, Health among other.

Notice that this is and opportunity to find self-healing. Therefore, not much can be done for others, like your loved ones. It is about yourself, not in a selfish way, but the scope reaches as far as your decisions and actions.

Take the time and energy to think and feel how you envision your well-being. Remember that the real outcome depends on you.

Writing down your thoughts and feelings is the easiest way to find clarity. Find a way to write it in positive and gentle terms.

For example, let’s say you are afraid to spiders, you can set your intention: to get rid of your fear!, or instead make it positive and gentle try: to get along with spiders!

My recommendation is to bring your intention to your session and focus on it until the last second before your immersion starts, then just breath and surrender to the experience.

In this [link] you may find a guided meditation that will help you out to tune your intention.

If you need help dealing with any of this, don’t forget to visit our support forums [Link]. If you prefer personalized attention book a one-on-one virtual session to talk about it [Link].