Integration Session

Did your Toad Medicine immersion blow your mind?

In this one-on-one coaching, you will integrate your experience and build a framework for your self-healing journey.

Most of the times, the integration process should be a quick action to find clarity on the learnings received through the ceremony and be able to build a framework to work towards your goals to achieve your purpose in life. If you are feeling like it is not going to be that easy, still is the best option to start working on your self-healing journey.

All is about living your own life! Being aware of your present moment! By knowing your purpose, the burden of life becomes light, exciting, fun, hopeful, joyful..

This empowers you to become the best version of yourself!

The Toad Medicine is capable of helping you overcome depression, anxiety, trauma, addictions, among other diseases, but remember that is just a tool, it is a self-healing journey, and you must take action to relief your situation. If you heal yourself, we all heal together.

We are all one and we are connected, that is true! Yet, everyone relies on their own selves, and that is also true. That is duality, the reality on this dimension that we are all sharing.

An integration session is a reality check to uncover the blind spots that you might have discovered during your Toad Medicine immersion. When you come back, the world is exactly as you left it, your problems will still be there until your transform them!

We’ve all been there!

Whether your feel the bliss of your Toad Ceremony or need to ground yourself, an integration session will help you to get back on track and be able to smoothly move to a position where you own your life.

Imagine, for a minute, feeling eagerness and enthusiasm just for being alive, knowing exactly who you are and why you are in this present moment and release your most radical expression of yourself, and knowing exactly how to maintain that feeling…

With this coaching, I want you to achieve clarity about what is next after your Toad Ceremony without the feeling of overwhelm!

Here’s exactly what you’ll discover when you book your integration session today!

1. Initial overview of your experience.

2. What was your intention?

3. How was the first second of your immersion?

4. Which feelings it arose? What did the experience show you?

5. What was when you realized that you were back?

6. What did you learn? Ground yourself and be aware of your present moment.

7. Your commitment to Yourself: Make your own Action Plan.

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