Everything you need to know to obtain your Toad Medicine from a sustainable and tribal source.

Toad Medicine

The Bufo Alvarius Toad refers to the toad species that is native to the Sonoran Desert, which covers the territory from Arizona, US to Sonora, MX. Its scientific classification is Incilus Alvarius and also is known as the Colorado River Toad.

The Toads like wet environments and warm weather, only during the night can be seen around eating all kind of bugs they find in their way. It is said that they can eat smaller animals, like other frogs or mice.

Therefore, only during summer as long as the rainy season lasts, the toads come out for their nightly activities. In any other time, they plough under the ground and stay until next night or even until next season.

The Toads seem to like being on their own, the do not show any kind of social interaction with other animals, not even with other toads of same species; except for the reproduction purposes, usually a smaller toad hugs the neck from the back of a bigger toad. Then they lay their eggs on a pond and their cycle of life starts again.

Some families have reported to have the same toad living freely on their backyard for more than 5 years, which makes us think that the toads like to stick to their same den for long periods of their life. However, as long as they have water and warms weather, bugs and mates, they seem to adapts easily to new places, like when humans reallocates them to other lands.

If you are at the Sonoran Desert during Toad’s season, you can find plenty of them on urban areas and farms around lightbulbs that attract bugs, it becomes easier for them to eat abundantly. But when there are no lights near enough, like on the wild desert, they are around the ponds that the rain left behind, it becomes harder for the human eyes to watch them.

They usually are not disturbed by other mammals, but from time to time, dogs are poisoned to death for having eaten a Bufo Alvarius Toad. Humans get rid of them, some householder finds them disgusting and warehouses need to keep their areas empty for sanitary reasons, and often you can find toads smashed by a car.

Local tribes have developed specific practices related to this animal on their cultural activities, like memorials, prayers for rain and abundance, protection for war, and other type of sorcery, power and healing endeavors.

After 2010, the Bufo Alvarius Toad became viral on social media and nowadays is better known for the substance located on the glands that they have on their neck and legs. Herpetologists say that this substance is a mixture of hormones and serums that these toads produce for their own metabolism, also it is said that saves energy and that they could use it for the species protection mechanisms. Also this substance has been used for human consumption, and under the right circumstances may be able to provide healing for mental disorders like anxiety, depression, traumas, among others health conditions.

Scientists claim that the substance on the Bufo Alvarius Toad contains a cocktail of different molecules, but particularly the 5-Meo-DMT which is an indoleakylamine tryptamine derivative that is known for its potent psychedelic properties, which happens to be located in many other substances used by other tribes around the world, and has been crowned by the scientist as the cause of this effect.

What's more, many other people claim that it provides a connection with the divine in a spiritual way, a portal from a metaphysical perspective, and anecdotical testimonies provide information about circumstances that cannot be measured and replicated with the tools of modern science.

Why is it called “Medicine”?

There is a need in society to solve depression, anxiety, trauma, addictions, among other diseases. The allopathic method has failed to truly solve these problems and have just covered up the symptoms, and most of the time causing undesired secondary effects on the patients.

Therefore, the people struggling with this kind of disorders look for alternatives to find their wellbeing. Since 2010, the Toad Medicine has been gaining, a reputation of being capable of helping patients to overcome their situation.

That is why sometimes it is called as a medicine when it is used under the right circumstances, but not necessarily it can be used for that purpose. In fact, it may harm somebody when it is maliciously provided or under the wrong conditions.

People trying to facilitate this substance has grown all over the world. Some of which do not have enough experience to handle and contain other people process, and even worse, they are convincing other people to try the experience without providing enough information about it and take safety precautions associated to the risks before facilitating the substance.

It drives us to this question: How can it be used to heal trauma and unwanted behavioral patterns?

One way is through Indigenous practices of traditional medicines, which approaches each case from an integral perspective to find out what the patient necessities are, considering body, mind and spirit. And other way, are the clinical practices which provide therapeutic methods based on the data available through scientific procedures.

The use of substances on clinical practices has been developing since mid-1900`s but were stopped by the global policy of the so called “War on Drugs”, allowing only specific allopathic practices conveniently promoted by pharmaceuticals, that have failed to heal disorders but covering symptoms. Recently [2022], new clinical protocols to research on the use of controlled substances have been approved by different governments, which means that policies are shifting towards enabling the use of controlled substances.

Either way, is important for people to know how to approach a journey to experience this alternative healing experiences.


Do you know who collected the medicine you are going to receive? How certain you are about that information? Is there a way to verify the information?

Knowing the source of your dose of Toad Medicine becomes a conscious and responsible consumption. The awareness of your consumption allows you to place your energy where you can make a difference on the impact on sustainability and the economy of the collectors.

As part of the Fair Trade Toad Project, collectors from the Sonoran Tribes have been carefully selected to guarantee the sustainability of the Toad Medicine collection with the intend of fully recognized their job and also helping their Tribe.

This matter is very important to keep the sustainability of the Toad and provide a return on the energy to the Tribes for keeping their lands and knowledge from which we are being benefited.

Such argument is being told by other resellers, whether or not they are telling the truth, through FTT - DAO you may be able to trace the payments done by the final user for the Toad Medicine collected by locañ tribe collectors.

This system provides a Supply Chain traceability, but by deciding on consuming your Certificate Dose from FTT, you become part of the Demand Chain that can make the difference on the impact of our consumption.

That is because you will be able actively participate by being certain about the impact of your consumption, by rewarding the sustainable job and avoiding the toxic extraction of the resources.

The quality of the data will be exponentially increasing according to proactive participation of the final users, while this was hardly possible before blockchain Transparency and Traceability.


This comes down to the Tribes of the Sonoran Desert. These tribes have been in the Sonoran Desert longer than the current civilization, and with that, it comes their traditions and knowledge that has been transferred from generation to generation. It is very well documented the violence that has been held towards these group of people since the colonial times. Yet they have keep standing on their territories, and everything on it, including plants, animals, minerals and their ecosystems.

Therefore, their wellbeing and rights, as of the other Original Nations in the world, have been recognized by international treaties which entitles them with the right of taking advantage of the natural resources of their land. This provides to the Sonoran Desert Tribes the rightful protection to trade the Toad Medicine.

Local tribes have developed specific practices related to this animal on their cultural activities, like memorials, prayers for rain and abundance, protection for war, and other type of sorcery, power and healing endeavors.

Their practices are held under their traditional ceremonies, and usually they do not discuss their cultural knowledge, they just practice it as it is, as it was practiced by their elders, and so on. Most of them are kept only for the practitioners and attendants during the cultural event. What elders speak about is of their stories and songs, usually related to insights about life and nature.

For the Toad Medicine is no different, and usually when they talk openly about it they will only mention aspects related to the practices and information that are already publicly discussed. But the core aspects of cultural heritage related to the Toads are kept privately.

There is a public discussion about whether the Toad Medicine is a traditional practice or not, and many visitors come to find that answer. During the time we have spent with the Sonoran Tribes, we noticed this phenomenon occur many times, one-time visitors try to get as much information as they can, they will always ask to the elders the direct questions like “How did you find out you?”, “How did you smoked it before glass pipes?”, “When did you try it the first time?” and many other questions which may be natural to ask in the western society, but not in this communities.

This knowledge is not given away like scientific data does, it is usually earned by participating in the right moment when the ceremony occurs and is not to be spoken after. It becomes intimate for that participant rather than secret. That knowledge is for the benefit of the attendant, not a public good that should be informed openly.

There is another aspect to be considered, a lot of the knowledge held by the Original Nations has been kept over the cost of blood and suffering, thus, asking for this information could mean a lack of compassion if not of respect.

Also notice that these Tribes are alive, sometimes we talk about them as an anthropological object or even try to find evidence through arqueological resources. It is very important to recognize their existence, the cultural diversity that they provide to humanity. We should point out that there still exist a systematic discrimination and a condescended approach from governments and society towards the tribes, which most of the time is overlooked and has become normalized, instead of being a diversity recognition and repairment of the damages cause by the colonial expansion.

Therefore, when you receive the Toad Medicine, make sure that it comes from any of the Tribes of Sonora.

FTT - Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO)

Fair Trade Toad (FTT) inception was during the World Bufo Alvarius Congress (WBAC) held in Mexico City in 2018, where was proposed the necessity of avoiding the harmful exploitation of the toad species for the consumption of its secretion, as the human demand was rapidly growing.

The next year, on WBAC 2019, FTT was presented to the community with the proposal of creating a guild of collectors that were invited to commit to apply the recommendations given by an herpetologist to extract the Toad Medicine with the intention of not harming the toads. Despite some of the collectors invited to sign that agreement were members of different Sonoran Tribes, the overall project was cancelled because it required the inclusion of the Tribes.

Also during WBAC 2019, specific Tribes spoke about certain necessities related to the lack of clean water in some of their communities. On this respect, FTT focused on attending the basic necessities of the Comcaac people in Punta Chueca, Sonora. More information can be found on our Report, members and donors have access to detailed information.

Decentralized Autonomous Organization

During 2022, FTT proposed a new model (FTT-DAO), based on the past learnings, one which honors the relationship of tribes with nature, recognizes the benefits of the Toad Medicine needed by humankind in our days and provides protection to this species through a sustainable collection.

This model provides transparency and traceability on the supply chain of the Toad Medicine, from the hands of each person who collected until the final user. Through this model the Toad is protected, the tribes receive their payment, and sponsors the best practices for using the Toad Medicine to restore human health and spirituality purposes only.

The new FTT-DAO model provides the mechanism to give back directly to the tribes with the use of blockchain technology. – you read correctly: Blockchain technology!

Do not worry on the techy words, at the end most people do not understand the back-end of how the internet of things works and still we use them because they provide value and functionality. Blockchain is a novel technology and still under development, but to understand what it means take a look on the fundamental principles that our model is adopting:

1. Transparency: All that happens on blockchain is logged and publicly accessible. Anyone can verify the information provided. Think about a common journal written by all the participants on each transaction.

2. Traceability: Every asset has an origin. You can trace down who started any operation, it would be like any invoice of a product you buy, yet it provides more detailed information including who are the other participants before you.

Probably you have heard that blockchain is some sort of scam, or a futile trend on social media, but do not blame the tool, it has many practical uses on our daily life. We are still on the stage of early adopters, but soon everyone will be using it, just like it happened with your favorite apps, or even older technologies like email, cellphones, cars, electricity and all that.

We believe that giving back to the Original Nations creates a sustainable way to benefit from resources of nature, therefore providing care and protection to the Sonoran Desert Toad and its ecosystem.

We are working to find the best solution to participate seamlessly on the Blockchain model, if you want to obtain your Toad Medicine through FTT, but if you are not ready for Blockchain, follow this [LINK] which is a mini-course that will walk you through step by step to learn to use Blockchain and your Certificated Dose will be included so that you can redeem it within our network of practitioners.

Guilds of Practitioners & Retreat Centers

As part of the Supply Demand we talked before, Guilds of Practitioners and Retreats Centers are a key piece for the FTT- DAO model. They participate as distributors of the Toad Medicine but also as witnesses of the Best Practices of those who deliver it.

#knowyour5ource campaigne also intends to anticipate to damage control that has been needed before. That applies also by distributing the medicine through well known practitioners and their community.

Being Decentralized allows us to be more open without the necessity of someone (a central entity) deciding who is in or out.

Collectively we can vouch for the best practitioners and avoid malicious practices.

Once again, Traceability and Transparency provide accurate data about the reputation needed to facilitate safely the Toad Medicine to the final users (that could be you!).

Therefore, through Blockchain with the new "Web3" technology, each Guild or Retreat Center will be able to announce their services and the final user will be able to easily verify if they are part of the FTT - DAO model and their reputation, here is an extreme use case to illustrate this better:

Malpractitioner - Responsable Collective: When the final user reports mal practice from certain practitioner, the collective will stop distributing Toad Medicine to the whomever does the malpractice, and will apply damage control to the practitioner and the user. This is possible because we all know who was the practitioner (#kowyour5ource), so we can trace who delivered the Toad Medicine, and we can trust our network to take action.

Damage control

Let's remember that our community started for the necessity of bringing support to many people who couldn't integrate their Toad Experience, and were left alone by the practitioner who deliver it.

This has been a great opportunity to join as a community, getting organized and collectively learn and support each other.

Therefore the Damage Control protocol should be our last resource, the tools and learnings we have developed as a community are strong enough to avoid any malicious practice.


The old-school most respected guilds of medical practices, their members do not do personal advertising. This is on their ethic's code, the try to favor the patients in order to find the best doctor based on reputation and not through personal ads.

For the Toad Practitioners shouldn't be different.

The reputation is earned by merits, this model provides incentives for Best Practices that assure the well-being of the patients.

Our Code of Ethics and Best Practices are available in our library. This provides the framework for the user to find who is the practitioner that suits them best.

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